Legend of the Five Rings

04 October, 2017

The new Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game is here! You can pick up your core set at the store beginning October 5. Along with that, we've got some organized play scheduled:

Saturday, October 7: Legend of the Five Rings Launch Party

 The  Legend of the Five Rings Launch Party is a casual open play event, where  you can find other interested Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game  players and invite them to play with you! Purchase your first Core Set,  and use the included Learn to Play guide to begin your journey in  Rokugan. Help each other select a clan and Keeper or Seeker role, and  then build a 30-card Dynasty deck, a 30-card Conflict deck, and choose  five provinces.

This is a free event!

The first 12  participants recieve a lanyard, badge, and clan sticker sheet. Create  your samurai name and show your clan loyalty!
Seven random participants will receive a textless, extended art clan champion prize card. 

Saturday, November 11:  Legend of the Five Rings: Imperial Summons

 The  Imperial Summons event invites players to train their skills with full  decks. This open play event will take place after each clan’s Keeper or  Seeker role is determined at the Winter Court World Championship, so  players can become familiar with this additional deck-building  requirement. Players will need two or more Core Sets to construct full  Dynasty and Conflict decks of 40 to 45 cards while using a clan’s newly  assigned role. Help your fellow samurai make important card choices and  discuss your favorite clan’s role in Rokugan as you prepare for upcoming  tournament play.

This is a free event.

An alternate art Imperial Favor card is awarded to 12 attendees to display when they gain this advantage.
Declare your clan, and one lucky random player from each clan will win a textless, extended art clan champion prize card! 

Saturday, December 9: Legend of the Five Rings: Way of the Rings

 Finally,  the Way of the Rings tournament will introduce players to fun  competitive play. Test your skills with your full decks against other  competitors in preparation for recurring in-store events starting in  2018! This concise tournament will pair players against different  opponents for a few rounds, giving you valuable experience before  recurring Organized Play comes to your local game store!

Entry Fee:  $10

Twelve competitors will receive an exclusive commemorative pin depicting the five elemental rings.
A random competitor with the most wins from each clan receives a textless, extended art clan champion prize card!
Prize Support will also include store credit based on number of entrants. 

Star Wars: Destiny!

27 September, 2017

Well, we had one of our orders inadvertently rerouted to Oakland, CA. Unfortunately, that led to a stock issue with our Star Wars: Destiny product. We haven't received that order, yet, but we were able to get a restock, anyway. That's right! Destiny is back in stock!

We're in the final stages of our league rules, which will start in a couple of weeks, so come in so you can bolster your Destiny pool. Tentative start date for the league is Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14. 

May the force be with you, always.

Welcome to Our New Site

26 September, 2017

News coming soon!